Saturday, 31 July 2010

Everyone's dropping like flies!

So I've just made my most recent discovery, after helping my five-year-old sister make her own 'Lolly Pop Lady Stick', that she's exactly four A4 sheets of paper high.  Why is this relevent to everyone dropping like flies? It's not, it's just the amazement of how much has changed about her that led me to think about how much has changed elsewhere since last year. 

Everyone's all grown up; moving out, going to uni, getting careers.  It's scary thinking that I haven't even touched upon those things, that it's time to become a proper adult, yet somehow exciting. I don't know.

I just miss last summer, not a care in the world.

Jen Babes <3

Oh well, enough rambling, time to eat some uncut bed, nom <3 

Friday, 30 July 2010


So yay!  I finally get what this is all about, that's my accomplishment today I guess.  Well today/last night, I was DETERMINED to get it.  That might make me seem a bit daft, especially as I started this post with "so yay", so ignore that!

(New paragraph = new start)  I woke up this morning and craved responsibility, or change, or something!  The most responsibility I've gained in a whole 18 years of life seems to genuinely be a tank of sea-monkeys?  Seriously?   Well I s'pose myself as well but I think that's where the need for change comes along; I want to take responsibility and a half for myself.  

I'm kind'a on the waiting list for this music course which I applied late for and have the consequences, which is fine but it means that I can't apply for jobs that I want or other crazy courses just in case I get on this one.  It's very silly and I'm over-reacting but I'm going crazy waiting, hence the need to write this.  It's taken me all night to not only figure out how to use this but also why I need it.  To stop me from going insaneeeee.

So yeah... yay!

Now here's a video of a kitten.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

So I'm new at this...

I'm not quite sure what to say in a blog, from what I gather though it's just a lot of meaningless thoughts put together in fancy wording.  I don't think this is a very good start.  My point is that I'm not sure of what things people want to read about; so I'll keep my first post quite short.

I just want a place to put all my thoughts down, in a very spontaneous and meaningless fashion, much like how I ended up signing up for 'Blogger'.

I don't mind if no one reads this, but if anyone does can they please tell me what on earth a 'Label' is?!