Friday, 30 July 2010


So yay!  I finally get what this is all about, that's my accomplishment today I guess.  Well today/last night, I was DETERMINED to get it.  That might make me seem a bit daft, especially as I started this post with "so yay", so ignore that!

(New paragraph = new start)  I woke up this morning and craved responsibility, or change, or something!  The most responsibility I've gained in a whole 18 years of life seems to genuinely be a tank of sea-monkeys?  Seriously?   Well I s'pose myself as well but I think that's where the need for change comes along; I want to take responsibility and a half for myself.  

I'm kind'a on the waiting list for this music course which I applied late for and have the consequences, which is fine but it means that I can't apply for jobs that I want or other crazy courses just in case I get on this one.  It's very silly and I'm over-reacting but I'm going crazy waiting, hence the need to write this.  It's taken me all night to not only figure out how to use this but also why I need it.  To stop me from going insaneeeee.

So yeah... yay!

Now here's a video of a kitten.

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