Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Dear blogger.com,

I thought I'd dedicate this blog to public transport and how I love hate it so.  Sitting on a bus for half an hour with what I can only describe as a smelly, possible cyborg (he had a switch, on the back of his head, D:)  isn't exactly the highlight moment that I'd like to remember about my day at midnight.  Just reminiscing about the stench that came from him.  Also the moment when someone opened the window, for a second a feeling of relief, but then realising it's only wafting the smell into my face quicker and stronger, ugh, the horror.  

Waiting for buses is the most annoying thing in the world too.  I could have ran a few hundred marathons (slowly I might add, I'm very unfit) in the time I've waited for them in my life-time.  Seriously so bad.  I can't count the amount of awkward conversations people have tried having with me to pass the time.  "Isn't the weather..." "Oh Birmingham Children's Hospital..." "Just LOOK at her tattoo's...".  Please stop.

(I'm not anti-social I swear)

Such a negative blog! Must dash though, going to London in the morning, 6am wake up call (as if).

Final thoughts: Google Chrome's spell-checker's a verrrryyyyy nice touch,

look at this sandwich 

(How impressive)

+ also this kitten dressed as a frog.




  1. Bleh i'm going to have to use the bus too when i get to college this fall. Not looking forward to it either. Awesome shoe-burger haha

  2. I defenily understand what you mean, with the waiting on the busses. It's quite boring, but here in Norway people don't talk to random people at the bus stop, so at least I've got that. It's nice to travel by train once in a while..